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Cheap Dildos

on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:29

If your budget is tight and you still want a new dildo because of all the fun you can have with it,  you can get cheap dildos that perhaps will not last you a long time but will do the job.  What influences the price of dildos are expensive materials and costs of manufacturing and it is advisable that before purchase you do some research and get informed of which dildo would fulfill your needs.  Dildos are exciting sex toys in shape of a real penis used for masturbation,  vaginal and anal penetration and silicone and each material is different in terms of flexibility and stifness.  While jelly and rubber dildos are more bendable,  glass dildos are really hard and if you are not experienced enough you might hit pelvic bones and feel uncomfortable. 

When buying a dildo choose non porous materials because they do not absorb bacteria and dirt or always use a condom on your dildo to prevent infections. You should make a decision after reading the dildo review.

Best Cheap Dildos

Doc Johnson 12-inch Jelly Double Dong

This is a double dildo that you can use for simulatenous masturbation or penetration with your partner.  The dildo is with realistic details,  two heads and it can twist and swirl due to its flexible shaft.  It is made of non phthalate exclusive formula for safer use.  It does have that typical industrial smell but it is really the only bad thing about this thick realistic dildo that you can get at $10.83.

Basix Smoothy

A semi realistic dildo made of jelly rubber with a rounded end.  This 5 inch dildo is great for vaginal or anal penetration  and for use on a harness.

Big Fella Dildo

Look like a real penis with veins and realistic penis head for happy moments with your partner or on your own.  The dildo is made of jelly rubber and 8.5 inches long with 2.25 inches in circumference that makes it perfect for those who love to feel the fulfillment.

Colourado Natural Dildo

A nice realistic dildo made of jelly,  flexible and firm enough for insertion.  It can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation to bring endless pleasure.  The head is a realistic penis end with bulging veins that give additional arousal.

Tantus Acute Dildo

This is a semi realistic dildo shaped perfectly for vaginal or anal stimulation.  It is made of platinum silicone by Tantus and slightly curved for G-spot stimulation.